Water ionizer was first introduced to doctors and clinics because its ability to produce the most powerfully potent alkaline ionized water with the best pH spectrum and the most negative ORP (antioxidant potential) at drinkable pH levels. Health practitioners requested a high-quality water ionizer to create an alkaline ionized water with higher antioxidant potential and the ability to fight acid to overcome serious health challenges. The Life Ionizer IL-11 was made available to residential consumers due to popular demand, so now you can own a clinical grade water ionizer right in your own home! Are you ready to get alkaline?

Product Description
Alkaline water ionizer for home

1.Product Feature

  • Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer
  • Max Large Plates – High Performance 11 plates Water Cell.
  • IONLIFE Water Ionizers with solid and mesh plate delivers an electrical current to the water through and array of positively and negatively charged Platinum Titanium plates.
  • Max next generation SMPS Power system(Max 450Watts).
  • Widest range of pH and ORP.
  • Premium Multi-stage Media Dual internal filtration system.
  • Compact Sleek new Design
  • Complements the look of your kitchen
  • Stylish IONLIFE Water Ionizer11Plates Water Cell features
  • New Larger Ultra Efficient
  • Multi-Level Electrolysis chambers
  • New Larger 11 Titanium/Platinum Plates

IONLIFE Water Ionizers with Solid and Mesh plate delivers an electrical current to the water through an array of positively and negatively charged Platinum coated Titanium plates.
The more the water passes in and out of the Titanium Mesh system and the greater the electrical charge to the water (especially when powered by the newer SMPS power systems) – the higher thepH (potential of Hydrogen) and the ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) of the drinking water.

  • 450W SMPS features
  • MAX Yield SMPS Power System
  • Fully Adjustable Power
  • Up to 450 Watts ionizing power gives you the best pH and -ORP from your particular water source.
  • SMPS provides more power, greater efficiency, and ultimate durability.
  • Advanced Micom computer system.


2.Filtration system features

  • Premium Multi-Stage Media
  • ULTRA DUAL Filtration System

The IONLIFE dual filtration system is made up of multi level stage specialized media filter and a premium activated carbon filter. The Premium Activated Carbon filter is structured to improve the reduction of heavy metals and fluoride found in many city water sources. The silver activated carbon portion of the filter kills bacteria and keeps them from growing within the filter and being passed through to the electrolysis chamber. The multi level stage sediment filter reduces additional sediment particles in the water maintaining the life and performance of your water ionizer.

3.Design features

  • Compact sleek new design
  • Complements the look of your kitchen
  • You will love the large, easy to read display,and the convenient top-mounted controls!

4.Display panel features

  • Smart & Premium Touch button & Full size wide color LED panel
  • Full color displays of pH levels, ORP levels, auto-diagnosis system, actual number of liters of filter life left in each filter, water flow rate, and more.
  • Tilted smart touch panel
  • Smart touch panel is tilted users more easily to the product designed for use

5.Computer system features

  • Complete auto-diagnosis system IONLIFE Water ionizer continually monitors internal operating systems, ensuring that you are immediately notified in the highly unlikely event of a problem.
  • 1680 Programmable pH and ORP Levels
  • IONLIFE water ionizer allows you to program nearly any pH and ORP combination, to customize your pH and ORP to the level that’s right for you.
  • This feature is essential due to the wide range of tap water quality in the world.

6.Plate Cleaning system features

Automatically initiates a cleaning cycle after each use, so you don’t have to wait for any inconvenient cleaning discharge cycles.

7.Product Specification/Models

  • 11 Plates Platinum titanium
  • Model Name : IL-11
  • Plate Materials : Platinum and Titanium
  • Plate number : 11 Plates
  • Dimensions : 33X34.7X15cm
  • Unit weight : 7Kg
  • Flow control : Automatic
  • Max water supply pressure : 50psi
  • Alkaline setting : 1-2-3-4
  • Acidic setting : 1-2-3
  • Purified setting : 1
  • Electrolysis method : continuous electrolysis
  • Cleaning method : Auto & Manual
  • Rate voltage : 110 or 220V
  • Display : Full color LED
  • Power consumption : Max 450W
  • Control button type : Touch Button
  • Power supply device : SMPS (450W)
  • Filter life indicator : FND number indicator
  • Filter number : 2 filters (Dual)
  • Filter life : 3~6 month